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Introducing the Tabunka Kouryuu Center (Multicultural Exchange Center).


The Tabunka Kouryuu Center “Konnichiwa!” offers an environment for exchange between local residents, and a gathering place for parents, specially foreigners, providing information about living and child care, and giving educational support to children.


「Oyako asobi - Fun activities for parents and children(free of charge)」

  • Parents and children, let’s play together!
  • Let’s expand our circle of friends, by getting in touch with cultures from different countries.
    Mondays thru Fridays, from 10am to 12pm.

月〜金 10:00〜12:00

「Gakushuu to asobi - Learning and play(registration system)」

  • Support on homework from school, and Japanese studies according to each child’s needs. Provides a safe place to spend time after school.
    Mondays thru Fridays, from 2pm to 5pm(Elementary school students)
    Wednesdays and Fridays, from 6pm to 8pm(Junior high school students)

月〜金 14:00〜17:00(小学生)
水・金曜日 18:00〜20:00(中学生)

「Consultation・General information(free of charge)」

  • Information about education, living, medical assistance, child care, etc.


「About school support and couseling 」
The Tabunka Kouryuu Center offers consultation to foreign families with children who are not attending elementary, junior high, or high school, providing educational support. The staffs are available for parents with worries about the future course of the child. Moreover, feel free contact the center for consultation in general.


Tabunka Kouryuu Center「Konnichiwa!」
Iwata-shi Toushin-cho 1 Choume 1-8
Opening hours:10am to 5pm ※Wednesdays until 6pm, and Sundays until 4pm.
Closed on Saturdays, holidays, and New Year's holiday.
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開館時間:午前10時〜午後5時 ※水曜日は午後6時、日曜日は午後4時まで

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