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The Nagafuji (large wisteria) of Yuya

Wisteria planted in the precincts of Gyokoji Temple is estimated at 800 years old and is designated as a National Natural Treasure. Its racemes grow to 1m or more long, attracting a lot of tourists.

Tsutsuji (azalea) Park

Tsutsuji (azalea) Park is located on the hill behind Mitsuke Tenjin. Around 200 cherry trees come into full bloom in late March, followed by around 3,500 azaleas in mid-April.

Shishigahana Park (famous for autumn leaves)

You can enjoy an arch of autumn leaves from about 200 trees along a promenade in the park for some weeks beginning in mid-November.


Mitsuke Tenjin Hadaka (naked) Festival

This is a unique festival held in the Mitsuke area on Saturday and Sunday right before August 10th in the old lunar calendar. Naked men, wearing only fresh straw around their waists, parade through the street while jostling with each other, and do an Oni (Demon) Odori dance in the worship hall of Yanahime Shrine. This festival is designated as a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Asset.

Kaketsuka Yatai (festive float) Festival

Kaketsuka Port was a prosperous commercial port from the Edo to the Meiji Period. The Kaketsuka Yatai Festival is held to convey the history and tradition of the port and to pray for maritime safety. Luxurious floats with glittering lanterns parade around, accompanied by Kyoto-style music. You will be mesmerized by this enchanting scene.

Enshu Daimyo (feudal loads) Procession & Maiguruma

In the Edo period, Daimyo (feudal lords) were obliged by the government to periodically travel between Edo and their domains. At the Enshu Daimyo Procession, people precisely re-enact how a Daimyo and his men traveled in procession and how they were welcomed by local officers, innkeepers and the people of the town when they stayed at Mitsuke-juku, the 28th of the 53 post stations of Tokaido. At night, a performance called gMaiguruma Hikiawaseh is performed, taking you into a fantastic world.

Places of interest

The Former Mitsuke School

Built in 1875, this five-story building is the oldest remaining western-style wooden elementary schoolhouse in Japan, and is designated as a National Historic Site.

Remains of Totomi Kokubunji Temple

An excavation in 1951 revealed the Todaiji Temple-style layout of temple buildings including a seven-story pagoda at this site. The remains were designated as a Special National Historic Site in the following year.

Okegayanuma Pond

Okegayanuma Pond is the largest habitat for dragonflies in Japan. Sixty-seven types - approximately one-third of all types found in Japan - of dragonflies inhabit here. The pond is designated as a Shizuoka Prefectural Natural Environment Conservation Area.

Ryuyo Marine Park Auto Campground

Ryuyo Marine Park Auto Campground is a five-star auto campground authorized by the JAC. A green lawn spreads over the well-equipped, modern-style auto campground.

Museum of Fragrance

Fragrance-related materials and fragrance culture are introduced at this museum. The display includes perfume bottles from all over the world and Japanese incense burners etc.

Specialty Products

Ebi-imo (a type of taro)

Ebi-imo is prized as a bringer of good luck. Iwata City is the largest producer of ebi-imo.

Fresh shirasu (young sardines) and boiled shirasu

Putting soy sauce with grated ginger on shirasu and eating it together with smoking hot rice is the best way to enjoy shirasu.

Aroma melon

Aroma melon is a greenhouse-grown muskmelon, which is carefully raised by allowing only one fruit to grow on each tree.

Iwata green tea

Iwata green tea is characterized by fresh aroma, sweet flavor and mild astringency.

Iwata Sightseeing Guide Book (English Version)

Iwata Sightseeing Guide Book

Introduction of main Sightseeing in Iwata city, Shizuoka, Japan.

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